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libera_verbum's Journal

Free Association
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So, why another word association community? The last two daily word list LJs (freeassociation and its replacement brain_spew) went defunct. I enjoyed them and I know many others enjoyed the word association lists as well, so I decided to create another. Hopefully, this one will be around longer. You're encouraged to link the community when you post the lists somewhere- no, it's not required- so people know where to go.

If you didn't participate in the other communities, or just don't know what it's all about, this part is for you: Each day, a list of ten (10) words will be posted. What you do with them is up to you, but the most popular use is free associating. You copy and paste the list into your own LJ (or wherever you wish to do it) and after each word, write down the first thing that word makes pop into your mind. There are no rules, no right or wrong answers, no restrictions. It's all for fun.

You don't have to do only word association exercises with the list. You could do a timed writing, haiku, drabble for a random fandom, short story, etc. Your only limit is your imagination. (And if you ever need to look a word up, you can go here or here. Yay, for dictionaries!)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Comment here or email the moderator. Have fun! :)